Monthly Archives: April 2010

April 26, 2010

Posted Apr 26, 2010

1. Bug 6881: Automatically logs enable/disable function of autobill on notes and history. 2. Bug 6722: Fixed isp order on mass email multi-isp view. 3. Bug 6878: Updated notes and history after deleting an item. 4. Bug 6866: Fixed notes and history filter. 5. Bug 6860: Corrected a typographical error. 6.

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The Outage That Never Happened..

Posted Apr 21, 2010

The night of April 13th could have been devastating for the average ISP, but thanks to world-class back-office management, you only heard about it now and your subscribers, blissfully unaware, never lost a single bit of data. A critical and core server within our infrastructure (the primary database

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April 20, 2010

Posted Apr 20, 2010

1. Bug 5090: Added ACH number to existing autobill report. 2. Bug 6086: Fixed reports when loading reports that have the same From and To dates. 3. Bug 5225:  Fixed setting to lock when 2 users use the same record at the same time. 4. Bug 6440:  Fixed sorting of notes and history. 5. Bug 5996: Allowed

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April 13, 2010

Posted Apr 13, 2010

1. Bug 6404: Fixed an error in adding subscriber. 2. Bug 2959:  Fixed issues using special characters on mass email.

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April 8, 2010

Posted Apr 08, 2010

1. Bug 6155: Have the system change the password on the server when changing a hosting password on the software. 2. Bug 6818: Added hour glass in mass email. 3. Bug 6611: Fixed glitches on package found on ISP configuration. 4. Bug 6815:  Have the software update the billing term on records for an ISP

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