Monthly Archives: May 2011

May 30, 2011

Posted May 31, 2011

bug fix 9211 – Prevented posting single payment into two accounts bug fix 9082 – Added prompt to inform user that changes to package price and tax will apply to subsequent — not current — invoices bug fix 9199 – Added Select None option in Mass Emails bug fix 9115 –

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4 Big Threats to Internet Providers

Posted May 20, 2011

The internet industry is changing in ways that will affect the fundamantal assumptions upon which network architectures are designed, prices set, and new opportunities measured.   #1  Bandwidth The 2010 State of the Internet Report from Akamai (registration required:

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May 17, 2011

Posted May 18, 2011

bug fix 9085 – Prevented reverting changes in user rights after user’s logout bug fix 9130 – Allowed primary app users to edit their own permissions bug fix 9112 – Increased character limit for invoice line item description bug fix 9031 – Changed default Find reset delay

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The CEO Blind Spot

Posted May 17, 2011

CEO’s Blindness with Regard to Customer Service You’re perfectly aware of your competitors’ blind spots, but can you see your own? You know that the internet industry’s leaders fail to see their companies’ own problems. Let’s take a look at how the biggest companies are doing.   Sprint There’s

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In Praise of You, The Internet Professional

Posted May 15, 2011

You’ve survived. There were 8,000 internet providers about eight years ago, and more than half of them are gone.   You’ve grown. You reached an important subscriber milestone a few years ago. You added an employee last year. You’re thinking of adding one this year. You’re business occupies

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