Monthly Archives: April 2018

Apr 25, 2018 – Version 7.5

Posted Apr 30, 2018

polish 21668 : Invoice Total, Invoice Payments, and Invoice Balance are now added as new columns in the Statements Tab. By default, Invoice Payments and Invoice Balance columns are hidden. feature 21674 : Non-Canadian ISP restriction has been removed on the toggle to show tax breakdown in the main invoice

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Apr 24, 2018 – Version 7.5

Posted Apr 24, 2018

bug fix 21663 : Grouped packages are now reversed correctly. bug fix 21667 : Dates for unscheduled tickets are now displayed as blank in all of the Ticket and Schedule reports. Also, Grand Total now displays the correct count of data displayed in the reports. Invoice PDF now displays HTML formatting

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Apr 18, 2018 – Version 7.5

Posted Apr 18, 2018

bug fix 21657 : Term end date for recurring custom invoice items calculates as expected. Term end date has also been removed from an equipment invoice item’s description. bug fix 21660 : Revenue Per Location ID report now displays the correctly calculated amount invoiced for all subscribers

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Apr 12, 2018 – Version 7.5

Posted Apr 12, 2018

Service and BaiCells equipment link are now removed when deleting a subscriber which also deactivates the service. Summary Total by App User is now added to Payments Received Report. Moving a template from Subscriber Emails folder to other templates folder in the Mass Email Manager will now make it

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Apr 11, 2018 – Version 7.5

Posted Apr 11, 2018

bug fix 21521 : Package List w/ Info (All Info) merge field is now available for Ticket Templates. bug fix 21647 : eCheck Account Number required digits is now decreased from 5 to 4. bug fix 21651 : Toggle to allow uppercase for Wireless username has been added.

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