Network providers and ISPs often offer “unlimited” dialup access and define “unlimited” as 150 hours or less. Most providers then bill hourly or otherwise charge additional fees per subscriber. provides you with a wide range of tools to simplify the management of these high-usage subscribers, which may include usage reports, hourly caps per subscriber or per network, automated high-usage notification, and more.
When a subscriber exceeds 150 hours, notifies you so you can contact the subscriber and encourage better usage habits, such as logging off when not in use. also absorbs the first month of these charges and sends you an automated warning. If the behavior continues a second month, you will be automatically charged a PUP or Power User Premium to defray the additional network costs. also offers dedicated dialup accounts for your subscribers who need to be continuously connected. (Check out this article for additional information:
Users on Network-A who exceed 150 hours during the month are in violation of the AUP (located at and a $10.00 charge has been applied to your invoice for each block of 150 additional hours this customer is online during the month to cover the cost of supporting the user.
To view which users are incurring these charges, view the invoice detail by clicking on the 2nd line ‘Other Network Usage’. Users with a red exclamation point in the alerts column are the users costing you PUPs. A user with over 150 hours and less than 300 hours will cost 1 PUP. Each additional 150 hours will add an additional PUP. For instance, a user with 600 hours during a month (20hrs/day) would be considered a dedicated account and would incur 4 PUP charges.
There are many ways to avoid PUPs and make your internet service even more profitable.

  • ISPs commonly sell single channel dedicated dialup access accounts, 24 hours a day up to 31 days in a month (up to 744 hours) for $75.00 to $100.00. This charge serves as an automated method to bill those dedicated accounts, as the maximum added charge could only be $40.00 [(744-150)/150=3.96, which is rounded up to equal 4 additional $10 PUPs)].
  • Some users unknowingly leave their computer connected to the internet. A simple call to these users requesting that they disconnect their computer when they’re not in front of it can significantly cut your costs by improving your REAP discounts.
  • If your Network-A hours average less than 35, VISP Technologies will not charge PUPs; however, you may choose to charge your subscriber a Power User Premium of $15 or more to make up for the lost REAP discounts this subscriber may be costing you.
  • This account may be a candidate for a dedicated service like DSL if available in the subscriber’s area. By moving Power Users off Network-A, you lower your average hours per subscriber and increase your REAP discounts.
  • You may also choose to set up your dial-up users on any Alternate network in your area.
  • Global and Per-User shaping can be used to set an hourly limit on all your users or on any hourly limit any individual user for the month. To shape a user, simply click on their username on your invoice detail. You can also visit (Administration –> Usage Shaping) to modify your global limit.