There have been an unusual number of new bugs in Ultimate Front Office. We’ve figured out the general cause and already resolved most of the specific issues, but I thought you should hear about it and how we’re fixing the issues from me.
On November 12 we announced significant improvements to Ultimate Front Office’s main table and the way you search for your subscribers. Searching is the most common activity in the software. Searching is also related to some of our most common feature requests, so it makes sense that we have a heavy investment in making it easier for you to quickly find the subscriber you want.
Refactoring the main table has been a substantial undertaking because so many other functions in the software are intimately tied to the main table. Adding many new features to the search also included an improved, cross-platform application user preference strategy (storing data in Java’s preference manager -which writes to the registry in the case of Windows- instead of our database).
These “best practices” improvements led to an inordinate number of new, relatively minor but annoying bugs being reported over the last several weeks. These issues seem to have evaded our initial testing.

Most of these issues have been resolved, and our development team is working to rapidly resolve all remaining issues. If you notice any of those pesky critters, please let us know immediately with a phone call to ISP Service Manager Kevin Swiger or report the issue in our Bug Tracker which you can also find in the Help menu. We’ll work to get them resolved as quickly as possible, even through the Christmas Holidays.
In the mean time, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Todd Grannis