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How to Install the Ultimate Back Office Desktop App

Oct 24, 2018

While 32 bit systems are still supported by Java Webstart, only 64-bit systems are supported by the Ultimate Back Office desktop app. For Windows (64-bit) users: Download and double-click on the installer to start. On your first install, your Windows Defender might block the installer. Click on More

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How to Launch Winbox from UBO

Jan 28, 2018

If you’re using Winbox for network management, you can launch the application from UBO from three different locations: Equipment Manager -> ISP Site Equipment tab -> IP address field Subscriber Equipment tab -> IP address field Main Table -> Equipment IP column (open the Column Chooser

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DSL Modems Supported By CenturyLink

Mar 23, 2012

Please reference this web site for complete support and configuration of DSL modems supported by CenturyLink.

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Credit Card Security

Sep 10, 2011

You can trust that your subscribers’ critical data are handled well with the Ultimate Back Office™. You even have options for storing credit card data. Continue reading “Credit Card Security” »

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Aug 08, 2011

Your billing system is made easier with Ultimate Back Office™ — just take note of these important items: Continue reading “Invoicing” »

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