1. bug fix 14624 – Empty emails now have extra dialogs that come up to confirm if they really want to do so.
  2. bug fix 14693 – Users can now add and edit towers in the Equipment Manager.
  3. bug fix 13211 – The latest PDF invoices on live are now adjusted with the latest suggestions made to match it with the one we will get from the Print house.
  4. bug fix 14669 – A quantity field is added on the Add Custom Item window.
  5. bug fix 14606 – The tax charges on the invoice tax window and the invoice window are now consistent.
  6. bug fix 14699 – Copying MAC addresses from the software now appends colons all the time.
  7. bug fix 14672 – The System appuser can now edit primary accounts on the software.
  8. bug fix 14663 – We can add now multiple cc on affected subscribers.
  9. bug fix 14615 – Instances where installed Java is not compatible with SWT jar file we use for the software now opens the default browser instead of causing the software to freeze.
  10. bug fix 14705 – Manually deleted invoice on live db.
  11. bug fix 14687 – CC can now be changed from the CSM.
  12. bug fix 14666 – CC can now be replaced in the CSM.
  13. bug fix 14648 – Users can now make partial payment without getting unsuspended.
  14. bug fix 14633 – UBO now shows prompt error message if there’s no default browser.
  15. bug fix 14321 – The taxes are now calculated properly. The starting date and end date used to multiply the exemption amount now takes into account if items are applicable of the exemption.
  16. bug fix 14657 – Instucted ISP to autosize columns.
  17. bug fix 14627 – Updates will now continue even if the previous tax setting is no longer found in the database.