1. bug fix 14729 – Fixed issue: no transaction ID shows when processing credit card
  2. bug fix 14744 – Paper Invoice is now added to Choose Columns feature and can now be filtered.
  3. bug fix 14708 – Invoices can now be generated for packages with bill start dates scheduled for next month. This is available just as long as it is earlier than the invoice generation day.
  4. bug fix 14720 – The Transaction ID is now visible in the Statements tab history for Credit Card and eCheck transactions in the software.
  5. bug fix 14717 – Pre-paid ISPs are now able to have their invoice due dates on the month where the term dates are for their invoices.
  6. bug fix 14555 – Rebilling Fee feature has been implemented.
  7. bug fix 14726 – Fixed TSM issues on MAC.
  8. bug fix 14300 – Fixed TSM issues on MAC.