1. bug fix 14261 – Usernames that were previously added with capital letters are now displaying properly. However, it is still no longer allowed when adding new appusers.
  2. bug fix 14240, 14237, 14219 – Echeck payments are now being processed properly.
  3. bug fix 14228 – The ISP Config log is now consolidated on the ISP Config > Application Users node.
  4. bug fix 14207 – Data in lower tabs now gets reloaded so the data of the previous subscriber (incomplete subscriber w/ Source/Source Details) chosen would not seem to get stuck in the lower tabs.
  5. bug fix 14303 – The schedule is now properly updated in the database once a triggered filter is used for an email template.
  6. bug fix 14306 – The system user generated by Visp for the ISP will no longer need to be updated every time a new appuser right will be added. The appusers rights are now bypassed by their logins giving these appusers full access to the software.
  7. bug fix 13610 – Assuming that the Technician allowed UBO to add tickets in his own Google Calendar, when the Technician is highlighted in the list of Technicians at the left part of TSM window, clicking Sync Tickets for the 1st time will migrate the tickets of that Technician from the ISP’s Google Calendar to the Technician’s Google Calendar.
  8. bug fix 13970 – The billing email now accepts multiple email addresses. Moreover, active email addresses in the services are listed in a drop down option that is available when you click on the billing email field on billing info tab.
  9. bug fix 14327 – Appusers with Edit Closed Invoices rights can now edit taxes on closed invoices properly.
  10. bug fix 14309 – Strong passwords are now required only on Password update or newly added services.
  11. bug fix 13505 – Print Subscriber Summary Feature has now been added in UBO.
  12. bug fix 14342 – Towers can now be selected in the TSM.
  13. bug fix 12106 – Default Auto-Actions has now been added in the ISP Config.