1. bug fix 14210 – The PDF receipts and credit/debit now has an improved format that matches the one for the invoice.
  2. bug fix 14243 – Google calendar can now be viewed and closed properly.
  3. bug fix 13196 – Paper Invoice Fee Exemption feature is now implemented.
  4. bug fix 14165 – IP addresses tracking can now be seen in notes and history.
  5. bug fix 14114 – Invoice in large fonts are now displayed neatly.
  6. bug fix 14255 – Options in equipment handling when deleting a subscriber are now in the ISP Config.
  7. bug fix 14399 – New wireless activation will now prepopulate speed limit settings with the default values set in ISP Config. Those that were already activated before still needs to click on the prepopulate button that appears on the lower left corner of the Speed limits panel in the Packages tab for individual subscribers. An apply button is also available on the ISP Config > Package > Speed Limits to apply default values to all subscribers that has the wireless service activated for that package.
  8. bug fix 14162 – Options for Total Balance Due Date is now in the ISP Config.
  9. bug fix 14411 – Tickets can now be synced properly in the Google Calendar.
  10. bug fix 14402 – MAC address are now read properly by UBO.