1. bug fix 14384 – The Credit Card Exp is now properly compared.
  2. bug fix 14435 – We can now refresh the Tickets table by pressing F5.
  3. bug fix 14447 – A new column is now available for the full name. It is on the others tab in the column chooser.
  4. bug fix 14459 – Fixed exception when closing Equipment Manager if it has no data.
  5. bug fix 14420 – Declined payments are not posted anymore.
  6. bug fix 13736 – Fixed remaining Receive Payment issues
  7. bug fix 13655 – Email is now sending the right subscriber name.
  8. bug fix 14438 – The customer id is now part of the information on the primary account section.
  9. bug fix 14468 – Tax info is now saved when a subscriber is added. Package status now reflects immediately after activating it. Subscriber status also updates once a package gets activated.
  10. bug fix 14300 – Google Calendar is now syncing properly.
  11. bug fix 13196 – Grace Amount for Rebilling Fee can now be used.
  12. bug fix 14423 – App User Logs now opens properly when ALL logs are shown.
  13. bug fix 14483 – Tax info is now saved when a subscriber is added.
  14. bug fix 14441 – Ticket Summary and Notes are now included in the tickets emailed to technicians.
  15. bug fix 14480 – Total Tax is now computed using the actual amount of Taxes Charged.