1. bug fix 21627 : Payment can now be processed for subscribers with & character in email address.
  2. bug fix 21628 : For invoice PDFs with tax breakdown displayed, New charges amount is now calculated and displayed correctly on the invoice PDF.
  3. bug fix 21630 : When viewing a payment with a previously distributed debit which was deleted, invoices and debits should now display correctly.
  4. bug fix 21638 : Credit Card Type column has been added to the Cash Flow Report.
  5. Payment amount field no longer accepts non-numeric characters except the dot.
  6. Currency symbol in Signup page is now displayed correctly for South African ISPs.
  7. History log is now added when changing prorate settings in the Settings window.
  8. If ISP is now using vPortal, Account Manager link now opens the vPortal page.
  9. Term count feature now works when the user triggers billing through the Packages tab.