1. polish 21668 : Invoice Total, Invoice Payments, and Invoice Balance are now added as new columns in the Statements Tab. By default, Invoice Payments and Invoice Balance columns are hidden.
  2. feature 21674 : Non-Canadian ISP restriction has been removed on the toggle to show tax breakdown in the main invoice table.
  3. bug fix 21675 : An invalid prompt is now displayed when Prorate start term selected is on or after the re-add month. If date selected is within the re-add month, the only valid date is the current date the custom invoice item is added.
  4. bug fix 21677 : In the subscriber Portals, Expand Error behavior is now removed and payment error messages returned from the merchant are now displayed automatically.
  5. bug fix 21678 : In the Print window, Merge and Download now disregards the & symbol when merging PDFs so that it will continue to work as expected.
  6. On the Modern Signup page, payment processing for entered credit card now only happens when the entered payment amount is above 0.00. Merchant auth amount charges will still be applied.
  7. Syncing from UBO to Saisei is now compatible with Saisei version 7.2.
  8. Equipment Site Location can now be updated successfully.
  9. Show Auto-pay setup in PDF option is now divided into 2 options (checked by default): Show Credit Card Auto-pay setup option and Show eCheck Auto-pay setup option. When checked, these options will only display for subscribers whose Auto-pay is enabled and whose status is included when running Auto-pay.
  10. Ticket and Schedule Reports (Grouped) now displays an improved Grand Total table and now displays title of the category for each sub-table of data.