1. Emails sent from Account Manager now uses an updated mailer.
  2. Only in 7.0 Pre-release:
    1. feature fix 19782 : Option to add a new Ticket Status is now available in the Ticket window.
    2. bug fix 20370 : When adding new tickets, Resolved status is now displayed in the Status dropdown of the Add New Ticket window.
    3. Polish Fixes:
      • For ISPs with flexible billing enabled, the actual time of the generated invoice is now recorded. Also, invoice due date is now advanced by a month if ISP’s due day is set to advance by a month.
      • In the Add Package window, Term Start Date dropdown is now disabled if the ISP’s term start day advance by a month option is unchecked.
      • Ticket Sync in TSM has now been optimized to sync faster.