1. Bug 5090: Added ACH number to existing autobill report.
2. Bug 6086: Fixed reports when loading reports that have the same From and To dates.
3. Bug 5225:  Fixed setting to lock when 2 users use the same record at the same time.
4. Bug 6440:  Fixed sorting of notes and history.
5. Bug 5996: Allowed the saoftware to remember filter on print interface.
6. Bug 6767: Retained the package when a prorate item is removed from the invoice.
7. Bug 6200: Added logging on history when an email or alias is added to a record.
8. Bug 6842: Improved “lockout” dialog box.
9. Bug 6827: Fixed a null pointer exception after suspending packages on a record.
10. Bug 6659: Added dialog box to disable autobill when an account is disabled.
11. Bug 6854: Fixed an issue that causes printing of invoice to be slow.