1. feature 21271, 21377: ISPs can now choose to auto-distribute payments when a payment is posted through the Account Manager or through Autopay. By default, this is activated for all ISPs.
  2. bug fix 21510: ISPs should now be able to pay through the Modern Account Manager.
  3. bug fix 21568: When billing packages, invoice script now generates charges of different packages with the same end term into the same invoice.
  4. bug fix 21569: App users should now be able to login to UBO.
  5. bug fix 21570, 21571: Paid Thru Date and Payment Status should now update as expected, based on payment distributed.
  6. Email address is now displayed for all subscribers using Modern Account Manager.
  7. ISPs should be able to update their credit card info in the Account Manager and the new data will be reflected in their Payment Reminders panel and then pay with the newly added credit card.
  8. Wireless Service Device History Report is now available in UBO. You can access it in the Report Center > Packages and Services > Wireless Service Device History Report > Select a package to view.
  9. Option to include or not include subscribers who have Auto-pay enabled when sending triggered emails is now added to UBO.
  10. If the Auto-pay option is OFF for Account Manager, subscriber’s Auto-pay option is now hidden in Modern Account Manager, regardless whether the subscriber is on auto-pay or not.