1. UI 6443: Updated About window with the new office branding – “Ultimate Front Office” and other details on the window.
2. Feature Request 5783: Load print dialog directly when posting a payment.
3. Feature Request 6191: Right clicking a wifi subscriber gives the ‘Check Usage’ option.
4. Bug 6371: Updated balance amount on payment window whenever an invoice is edited.
5. Bug 6437: Updated balance amount on credit memo window whenever an invoice is edited.
6. Bug 6419: Fixed an error handling issue on displaying credit card number.
7. Bug 6389: Enabled cut/paste through mouse when editing subscriber details.
8. Feature Request 5450: Added a feature that allows negative amount to be entered on credit memo.
9. Bug 6413: Made the notes/history filter consistent when they are unchecked.
10. Bug 5342: Updated admin user rights feature.
11. Bug 6260: Updated user rights to allow unchecking of all user rights.
12. Bug 6398: Enabled “undo” and “delete” options when editing subscriber details.
13. Feature Request 5675: Added wifi service to “check logins” and “check usage” reports.