1. Custom Terms of Service now opens in a new tab when clicked from the ISP Portal.
  2. In Modern CSM, a scroll bar is now displayed in the sidebar when the window size is made smaller. Also, “No available package/hotspot for this type of location.” is now displayed only if location ID is set in the parameter.
  3. Exceptions displayed when clicking MAC Address field or doing ticket-related functions and statements-related functions are now fixed when there is now subscriber selected.
  4. Mass Email error when sending an email with a statement attachment is now fixed.
  5. Only in Ultimate Back Office 8.0 Beta:
    1. TSM now has a web version which you can do the basic functions of adding and updating a ticket.
    2. Mapping icon in Equipment Tab is now moved under the 3-dot menu located in the Location node of the Equipment Tab. Simply click on “View this subscriber on Google Maps”.
    3. .wav files can now be attached to the subscriber.