Jul 09, 2018 09:39 PM PST

  1. bug fix 21780 : Refund tooltip is now only displayed when Refund button is displayed in the Receive Payment window.
  2. bug fix 21781 : PDFs now display payment date based on the ISP’s selected time zone.
  3. Payment is now distributed correctly on invoice generation if the subscriber has an existing open invoice and a payment with remaining undistributed amount.
  4. Undistributed Payments & Credits Report now displays payment in ISP’s selected time zone. Also, payments with a history of a removed distribution are now displayed in the report.
  5. Code for Receive Payment window is now optimized.
  6. Equipment charge added via Add to Invoice prompt can now be saved in the Invoice Item Details window.
  7. Serial No. field is now displayed for LTE CPE-type equipment.
  8. Equipment view code is now optimized for faster and more accurate data display.
  9. Marketing Source Details options now display options available for the ISP.
  10. For those using Mac, Ctrl + mouse left-click now triggers right-click menu in UBO.