Jul 16, 2018 10:19 PM PST

  1. polish 21790 : When scheduling an auto-delete action for a subscriber, Cancel Survey is now displayed if the setting is enabled for the ISP.
  2. bug fix 21791 : The invoicing script has been updated to use the Expires In data correctly.
  3. bug fix 21792 : For Payments Received Report, total payments by app user are now calculated correctly for payment amount above 1,000.00.
  4. In the Receive Payment window, the input validation function has been updated so that the payment processing does not proceed to ebill if an invalid input has been detected.
  5. In the Add Package window, the date validator has been added to prevent input of invalid dates.
  6. Duplicate check for IMSI, Asset Tag or Serial Number is now displayed only for values which are not empty or not 0.
  7. For assigned LTE CPE, Linked SIM IMSI field in Equipment Tab is now displayed when clicking/hovering on the arrow button beside IMEI field.