Jul 22, 2018 10:07 PM PST

  1. bug fix 21772 : Deleting an email address using the X button to its right now works as expected for email addresses with only the Billing checkbox checked.
  2. bug fix 21799 : When clicking Post Payment button in the Receive Payment window, the button will temporarily disable to avoid duplicate posting of payments.
  3. bug fix 21800 : Requiring an email address on signup now works as expected for ISPs whose settings were saved in the legacy signup tables.
  4. Unsuspend prompt now displays only when posting a payment for a Suspended subscriber and Automatically unsuspend option unchecked in the Receive Payment window.
  5. Option to enter a non-Token credit card is now added to the Receive Payment window for subscribers who have Credit Card Token as the default payment method.
  6. 4G CPE now displays IMSI field when accessed in the Assigned CPE tab of the Equipment Manager.
  7. Checkbox option to filter upgrade package list based on the subscriber’s Location ID is now added in Settings > Portals > Account Manager > Wireless Settings. If checked, the subscriber’s Location ID will be used to filter the packages available for upgrade in the Upgrade page of the Account Manager.
  8. When successfully logging into Account Manager, non-Paid Up subscribers will automatically be redirected to the Pay My Bill page.
  9. Date field type in Custom Fields now only triggers edit mode in the lower tabs if changes are made to the custom field.