Jul 28, 2017

  1. bug fix 21229 : Subscriber Tax is now used as the default selected tax when adding a custom invoice item via Invoice Details window.
  2. bug fix 21230 : New “Add an activated email service account to the subscriber’s enabled email options.” checkbox is added in Settings > Packages panel/node, inside an “Additional settings for Email services” section. Unchecking this option will now add a newly activated email service to the list of subscriber emails with all email types unchecked.
  3. Invoicing script now prorates from the last known term to before the new full term starts when the ISP has changed the global billing settings.
  4. Grouped packages are no longer double-billed.
  5. When the user disables Market Broadband integration, the toggle for sending postcards is also disabled.
  6. “Do not allow RADIUS to send these speed attributes” label has now been updated to “Use Visp’s HyperRADIUS to set speed attributes in Mikrotik Simple Queues.” to clarify the behavior when the checkbox is checked or unchecked. Also, it is now checked by default when adding a new package.