July 02, 2018 10:06 PM PST

  1. bug fix 21756 : The function for the invoice-based behaviour for paid-through date calculation has been updated so that the paid-through date updates correctly on posting payment toward the prorate invoice if it’s generated after the full-term invoice.
  2. bug fix 21764 : Time Zone discrepancy for Cash Flow Report, Payments Received Report, and Payments Received 2 Report is now fixed.
  3. bug fix 21767 : Payment confirmation is now displayed after the ISP posts a payment in the Account Manager.
  4. bug fix 21768 : Export CSV button in reports now works as expected in all browsers.
  5. App user username and the appropriate ISP history log is now added when changing credit card data of ISPs.
  6. Statements Tab now displays a default count of items instead of a date range. Also, Statements Tab no longer resets displayed items on opening invoices and payments.