1. bug fix 21729 : Clicking Restore button in Invoice Item Details window will now reload the invoice items table instead of inserting a thousand separator in the Item Rate amount.
  2. bug fix 21730 : Columns with empty values are now displayed without exception error.
  3. When saving a newly-added default credit card, encrypted credit card numbers are now correctly stored in its designated database columns instead of the deprecated credit card columns.
  4. Only active ISPs are now displayed in the ISPs dropdown for multi-ISP app user. (Suspended, Inactive, Deleted not included in dropdown.)
  5. Sign-up page is now displayed when clicking on a hotspot package.
  6. Fixed Broadband Subscription by Block report is now available under Others category in the Report Center.
  7. OAuth1a function in UBO has been updated so that the tokens are renewed correctly and UBO to QBO sync proceeds as expected.
This season Ulysse Nardin presented the actual Classico within metal and perfectwatches.is yes it incorporates either a blue (great!!), silvered, or even dark face.