1. bug fix 21581 : Projected Revenue Report now has an “Only display subscribers with projected invoice on the selected month and year” checkbox. Check this check box to only display subscribers who have an expected generated invoice on the selected month and year.
  2. bug fix 21585 : ISPs can now make an eCheck payment using an account that they enter in the Send Payment window.
  3. bug fix 21587 : Dash is now added when displaying zip code in PDF when the zip code is more than 5 digits.
  4. bug fix 21590 : Exceptions when scheduling a ticket is now fixed.
  5. Changes made to Access Time drop-down under ISP Settings > Packages now enabled Save button.
  6. Require ISP SIte, AP, and SSID prompt is now displayed only if both the option is enabled and the Equipment Management is enabled.
  7. Attachments can now be successfully attached again.