1. bug fix 21514 : When Account Manager is accessed via iframe, a message is now displayed with the link to open the Account Manager in a new tab.
  2. bug fix 21534 : The logic for the billing options in the Add Package window has been updated so that the term count field calculates accordingly.
  3. bug fix 21598 : The modern online signup page now displays a message if there are no packages to show.
  4. bug fix 21600 : Username with domain can now log in to Modern Account Manager, same with the legacy account manager behavior.
  5. bug fix 21602 : Invoice Now is now set to checked and disabled for editing if the Bill Start Date is set to the current date.
  6. bug fix 21604 : A hibernated package can now be reactivated even if the package has no hibernation history in the database.
  7. Custom Price changes in a quote are now copied when a quote is transitioned to an invoice.
  8. Reversal Credit Memo amounts are now exclusively distributed to their respective invoices. The reversal credit memo amount now also automatically replaces the payment distribution the invoice, if there’s any.
  9. Technician changes in Google Calendar are now synced automatically in UBO.
  10. ISPs should now be able to process eCheck payment in UBO 8.0 Beta.
  11. Prepaid Support Event Report is now available in UBO under Packages and Services Reports.
  12. Changes in the Settings > Portal panels are saved and retrieved as expected.
  13. Date type for Additional Custom Fields is now hidden only if Hide Characters is enabled for the custom field.