1. bug fix 19643 : Toggle to include package in request upgrade list is now independent from the toggle to make package available for online sign-up. Package will be available for upgrade regardless if the “Signup Server” checkbox is checked or not.
  2. bug fix 20154 : City column which displays the city of the ticket’s selected service address is now added in TSM.
  3. Features:
    1. SIM card support is now available in Equipment inventory. Simply choose 4G CPE type when adding equipment.
    2. MarketBroadband.com integration is now available in ISP Settings > Extensions.
    3. UBO to Quickbooks Online syncing (one-way sync) is now available in UBO. Go to ISP Settings > Extensions and refer to help file to integrate UBO to Quickbooks Online.
  4. Polish Fixes:
    • All instances of “lock” are now changed to “private”.
    • When a private attachment is deleted, history log is now added.
    • When searching in Equipment Manager., lower panels in the ISP Site Locations tab are now disabled if search does not return anything.
    • Border is now removed for Subscription Count in the Packages tooltip of ISP Settings window.
    • Show package counts to the right of the package name checkbox is now added in ISP Settings > Packages. Uncheck to hide the subscription count beside the Package name.
    • When switching to primary account tab, main table and status buttons glitch is now fixed if subscriber has Location ID value.