1. bug fix 20145 : Outbound Deposit Report can now be saved successfully in UBO when payments displayed are more than 50. Save As button is now added to automatically create a new report when updating an existing report.
  2. bug fix 20148 : Tax exemption and non-taxable amount are now calculated as expected after package item is reversed.
  3. Only in 7.0 Pre-release:
    1. bug fix 20166 : Term dates will now be generated correctly for mensiversary-enabled ISPs.
    2. Polish/Feature Fixes:
      • Decimal in History Log is now displayed as text and not as link.
      • After clicking a subnode of an equipment in subscriber’s Equipment Tab and then clicking a subscriber with no equipment, the correct disabled blank main equipment fields are now displayed.
      • Any subscriber whose recurring invoice generated trigger and Any subscriber turned past due trigger is now applied to non mensiversary ISPs.
      • Java console when error in getting data from Zabbix server now displays as “Attempting to reconnect to the Zabbix server…” since it only re-establishes connection to Zabbix server.
      • ISP Settings > Extensions subnodes are now arranged in alphabetical order.
      • In UBO Add new subscriber, Subscriber Tab, and Billing Tab, City and Zip fields now have an autocomplete function with options from previously entered City and Zip.