1. bug fix 20100 : Option to exclude exemption amount for usage charges is now added in ISP Settings > Billing > Taxes. If you want to exclude exemption amount for excess usage charges generated on the 1st, simply uncheck the Wireless Usage checkbox located in the Tax window.
  2. bug fix 20193 : When editing an appuser technician name, its corresponding name in the TSM calendar would also be edited.
  3. Only in 7.0 Pre-release:
    • Autocomplete for City and Zip is now arranged by use frequency.
    • Hitting Tab would now close the City and Zip Autocomplete box and automatically fill up the field with the selected item.
    • Zip Autocomplete now suggests only the zip associated to the entered/selected City.
    • State combobox is now indicated when hitting Tab from City.
    • In ISP Settings > Packages, Wireless Settings under packages is now merged with Packages node.
    • In Add/Edit Ticket window, Notice prompt which contains ‘Ticket is updated at current time’ is now displayed only when Schedule button is clicked.
    • History item log is now added when Ticket Schedule button is clicked.
    • Quickbooks Sync button in Statements Tab is now displayed if Quickbooks Online is enabled.
    • Zip field column in the main table now displays a dash between 5-4 digit group when a 9-digit zip is entered.