1. bug fix 20208 : Portal Address now saves successfully even if it contains an apostrophe.
  2. bug fix 20184: The tax for hotspot now follows the tax setting of the package.
  3. bug fix 19965 : ‘Subscribers with Paper Invoice’ report has now been renamed to ‘Subscribers with Paper Invoice Fees (Date Bound)’. Also, ‘Subscribers with Paper Invoice Enabled’ has now been added under Subscriber Report category which displays the list of subscribers with enabled Paper Invoice option.
  4. Polish Fixes:
    • For Outbound Deposit Report, app user will not be able to click on any other rows in the upper table when editing the report name.
    • For Phone Number and Zip fields, formatting-related characters are now hidden until it’s triggered by entering the expected number of characters.
    • ISP Billing Address and Customer ID have now been added as merge fields in Mass Email Manager.