1. bug fix 20163 : TSM preview and ticket note now word wraps for long sentences.
  2. bug fix 20202 : Invoices are now generated based on the expected invoice generation days after billing setting changes are made.
  3. bug fix 20214 : Selected AP now displays correctly in Location node of the Equipment Tab.
  4. bug fix 20220 : The default size of the Settings window has now been adjusted so that all the rights in the App User Rights panel are visible during the first time app users open the UBO.
  5. bug fix 20226 : For Add New Ticket window, Cancel label is displayed. For Edit Ticket window, Close label is displayed.
  6. bug fix 20244 : Ticket summary is now searchable in the TSM search box.
  7. bug fix 20250 : Ticket notes are now displayed in the TSM preview.
  8. Polish Fix:
    • For 4G CPE type of equipment. IMEI field is now displayed in the Equipment node.
    • In the Equipment tab, Equipment Information and Monitoring panels are now displayed correctly after resizing the Location or Sim Card node. Also, clicking Save after moving from one node to another successfully saves the changes of the previously selected node before displaying the data of the currently selected node.