1. bug fix 20205 : For flexible billing ISPs, assigning an equipment and automatically adding an equipment charge will now follow the actual billing settings of the subscribers for the term dates of the equipment charge.
  2. Polish Fixes:
    • Contact number is now added in the footer portion of the Modern Portal Website. Also, a small version of the logo is now displayed in the upper left of the modern website.
    • When adding an equipment, Equipment Monitoring checkbox is now unchecked by default.
    • IP address is now removed when MAC Address is updated through the subscriber Account Manager.
    • In AppUsers > AppUser IP Access of the ISP Settings window, clicking on the edit icon for Default IP range now redirects to the Security node.
    • In ISP Settings > Extensions > MarketBroadband.com, title icon/label position is now consistent with the other title icon/label position of other Extension nodes. Also, it now has a minimum size which can be noticed when detaching the node from the Settings tree.
    • When clicking on Print for in the Ticket and Schedule Manager and in the Ticket window, Ticket PDF Print Preview now displays without hiding the Ticket and Schedule Manager.