May 07, 2018

  1. polish 21117 : Search is now added to the Notes and History tab.
  2. bug fix 21663 : invoicing script now generates correct dates and places the items in the correct invoices when billing additional packages.
  3. bug fix 21693 : Auto-bill reports that are sent to ISPs now have attachments for processed Stripe payments.
  4. bug fix 21694 : Credit Card Token is now displayed in the Account Manager, but cannot be updated in Account Manager yet.
  5. When setting up a new ISP, the bill email of the ISP is now automatically added in the Send payment reminders field.
  6. Username merge field is now supported for both uppercase and lowercase U letter.
  7. Time Zone is now considered in Usage Report for Wireless Service and Wireless Usage Report.
  8. Emails from activated email service are now editable in the Subscriber tab.