May 10, 2018

  1. bug fix 21684 : “Any invoice whose payment status has turned due/past due” has been removed from the options for subscriber-based ISPs. Also, “Any subscribers whose payment status has turned due” has been added for subscriber-based ISPs.
  2. bug fix 21702 : Tax Exemption amount should now be calculated correctly for newly added packages.
  3. bug fix 21703 : Error messages from Oriental Bank Merchant are now displayed in Modern Account Manager.
  4. Tax Breakdown in invoice now considers the Tax Exempt amount.
  5. Time is now removed from the Check My Statements Account Manager page.
  6. http or https is now required when entering a Landing Page URL in Settings > Portals > Online Signup.
  7. Exception on adding quote and miscellaneous exceptions have been fixed.
  8. HTML formatting is now displayed in the undocked Notes & History Tab again.