1. bug fix 18320 : Post payment button in CSM can now only be triggered once when clicked to avoid duplicate payment transaction error.
  2. bug fix 18341 : Support site URL in the software now points to https://support.userservices.net/
  3. bug fix 18374 : Signup server for jabbacom.com now only shows monthly package fees.
  4. Additional changes only posted in v6.1 beta:
    1. bug fix 17321 : When View Invoice window is open, clicking on other components of the software is now possible. However, viewing another invoice will automatically close the previously viewed invoice.
    2. bug fix 18083 : Option to allow subscribers to edit their Wireless MAC address is now available in ISP Config > Packages > Wireless Settings.
    3. bug fix 18386 : For Authorize.net merchant, Username and radio button (Auth Key) is now changed to “API Login ID” and “Transaction Key” in the ISP Config. Also, Password option for those that have no password saved in the database is now hidden for security purposes.