1. bug fix 18023 : Wifi capture script now points to g5.php and will now generate invoices correctly.
  2. bug fix 18329 : When new ISPs will be setup with Visp, pre-defined email templates would now be assigned to the their corresponding available triggers.
  3. bug fix 18380 : Deleting the last CC or all of the subscriber’s cards now removes completely the card’s information in the database.
  4. bug fix 18395 : Backslash is now restricted on all fields of the Signup Portal. Also, field data with symbols are now saved correctly in the database.
  5. bug fix 18416 : In the Accounts Receivable Report, Current Balance Due can now be sorted correctly.
  6. bug fix 18428 : Client ID and PayPal Client Secret are now required if Enable Paypal Payment is checked. Also, Save button is now clickable whenever a valid change is made in the ISP Config > Merchant Account components.
  7. tticket fix 13640 : Google Email Settings is now hidden for ISPs who do not have that option activated. Also for those ISPs that have activated their Google Email integration, a tticket is now sent when email service is activated/deactivated/suspended/unsuspended/updated.