1. bug fix 21716 : Reschedule and re-assigning technician now works as expected.
  2. bug fix 21717 : Custom item term dates are now excluded for paid-through date calculation.
  3. Invoice Item Group Report 2 quantity sub-content count now matches the quantity count of the Item Description.
  4. When opening the Report Center, default date is automatically set to the current date. Also, checking for an invalid end date now ignores time of the day when loading a report.
  5. Merge fields are now cleaned up and optimized for both Ticket Type templates and Mass Email templates.
  6. Custom Location ID value is now saved when saving changes in Primary Account tab.
  7. Late fee date and late fee balance are now removed from the summary portion of invoice PDF.
  8. KY country code is now added to list of available ISPs.
  9. When viewing the assigned TR Router (Ready Net) equipment type, equipment type drop-down now includes CPE-like & SIM-like custom equipment type.