1. tticket fix 13470+ : Autopay info in PDF is now showing correctly.
  2. bug fix 18278, 18344 : Newly added subscribers that do not have any login data in radius db are not anymore suspended on the same day or next day but until the end of the specified inactive days.
  3. bug fix 18284 : Subscriber data now shows black when payment method is eCheck Token.
  4. bug fix 18296 : Billing cycle of the subscriber is now considered when adding paper invoice automatically.
  5. bug fix 18311 : Error message for TSM Calendar now displays for non-32bit JRE.
  6. bug fix 18332 : Status now changes correctly when balance is greater than 0.
  7. Additional changes only posted in v6.1 beta:
    1. bug fix 18308 : Different ‘Type’ is no longer considered when listing Items in the Receive Inventory > Equipment List to avoid duplicates in the list.