1. bug fix 17303 : Ticket and Schedule Manager now works as expected and will now require a one-time authorization to connect UBO to their Google calendar account.
  2. bug fix 17276 : In MAC Yosemite, ISPs can now enter data in the fields of the Add New subscriber after the window opens.
  3. bug fix 17081 : Send option for Queued Invoices is now available. It would have the same behavior as the Send option in Monthly Invoice.
  4. bug fix 17282 : eCheck option is now hidden from the Account Manager if subscriber has no stored eCheck data.
  5. bug fix 17336 : STEM Settings will now display the saved email and password correctly.
  6. bug fix 16601 : Deleted subscribers are now excluded from the update paid-thru date script.
  7. tticket fix 12534+ : Paid Thru Date has now been updated for invoices generated for unsuspending packages upon payment for those who do not invoice suspended packages.