1. bug fix 12917 – The [$] is now temporarily disabled. It is also shown in the prompt.
  2. bug fix 12712 – If a PDF Reader is not installed, a tooltip will show up when hovering the disabled Print & Post button saying this: “This feature requires a PDF reader for viewing. You can download and install one from [download page link]Adobe[/link].” But if a PDF Reader is already installed, the Terms and Condition window will show up in front of all the other components of the software. These changes were applied to:
      a. View PDF of the Invoice
      b. Print Receipt for a Received Payment
      c. Statement Preview
      d. Credit and Debit Memo
      e. Forms Panel
      f. current monthly invoice
      g. queued items
  3. bug fix 12908 – The rates shown are now dependent on the billing cycle of the subscriber.