1. bug fix 15500 : PDF of Deposit Report now shows the date/date range in this format (mmm dd, yyyy).
  2. bug fix 15497 : Paper Invoice Tax is now added (if it is set to charge Paper Invoice Tax in the ISP Config) when Paper Invoice Fee is added in the Invoice.
  3. bug fix 15536 : Non-custom invoices are now also checked when adding late fees.
  4. bug fix 15494 : Subscribers added within a range of one month will now be suspended if they already have monthly invoices generated for them that are past due.
  5. bug fix 15539 : Actual date of turning past due will now be considered when suspending accounts with grace periods.
  6. bug fix 15425 : Subscribers set to suspend at the end of the term will now be suspended at the end of the month.