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What’s new in VISP

We’re updating VISP regularly. Check back here to see the latest improvements and newest features.

March 17, 2010

1. Bug 6701: Showed the duplicate username error dialog instead of communication error dialog when activating a service with the same username of the existing service.
2. Bug 6728: Fixed an error on Add New Subscriber wizard.
3. Bug 6734: Made toolbar items behave the same way as those in menu bar and right click menu.
4. Bug 6680: Modified database so change on the credit card number made on the client will update the database.
5. Bug 6719: Fixed an error on cancel button response on changing autobill method.
6. Bug 6731: Removed the ability to save non-alphabet characters on middle initial field.
7. Bug 6596: Changed shortcut keys behavior to restrict only one execution of command per key press.
8. Bug 6593: Allowed the user to automatically overwrite the existing middle initial when typing a new one.
9. Bug 6725: When saving credit card information, the software is not allowed to save a blank or invalid expiration date.

March 15, 2010

1. Bug 4174: Have the fields on service panel retain the entries after an error message pops out when activating a service.
2. Bug 6590: Adjust invoice layout to accommodate the second line of address.
3. Bug 6698: Disabled display options when in edit mode.
4. Bug 6668: A refix to porevious post.
5. Bug 6284: Change database setting to display email domain in the multi-ISP build.
6. Bug 6029: Allowed “&” character to be used on the first name field.
7. Bug 6452: Made the menubar items consistent with their identical right-click menu items.

March 10, 2010

1. Bug 6572: Fixed an error in activating/deactivating a dialup service.
2. Bug 6632: Checking and unchecking “use this address as Billing Email” is fixed so it works as expected.
3. Bug 6506: Fixed automated mass email scheduler.
4. Bug 6683: Fixed a small glitch when changing a credit card number.
5. Bug 6584: Fixed a server error to remove problems on locking up of software.
6. Bug 6560: Fixed server to solve freezing of client when deleting an account.
7. Bug 6641: Fixed an error in adding a package.
8. Bug 6692: Improved behavior in saving credit card expiry date.
9. Bug 6599: Synchronized filter on menu and filter on toolbar.
10. Bug 6677: Updated the check logins when moving to a new subscriber.
11. Bug 6668: Matched the source details to its corresponding source.
12. Bug 6479: Fixed an error thrown on email reminder – right click menu.
13. Bug 6653: Fixed speed payment window error.
14. Bug 6476: Fixed the exception thrown when selecting a field.

March 8, 2010

1. Bug 6545: Cleaned up an error that randomly occured when pressing Ctrl+E.
2. Bug 6497: Made the date format consistent on speed payment window.
3. Bug 6602: Added a warning message when deleting a note.
4. Bug 6638: Fixed disabled “Enter” button when either username or password is blank.
5. Bug 5954: Fixed the multi-ISP dropdown on Report Center to actually show the ISPs.
6. Bug 6662: Fixed the multi-ISP dropdown on Auto Action Schedule window.
7. Bug 6515: Cleaned an error – null pointer exception on edit details.
8. Bug 6674: Fixed a small error on speed payment to not allow subscriber to post blank receipt.
9. Bug 6635: Fixed a error on multi-ISP when adding new subscriber. New subscriber is now added to the right ISP.
10. Bug 6491: Fixed an error – null pointer exception when selecting “Television Ad” on source details.
11. Bug 6605: Have the “new source” field pop up when selecting “new” on the source field.

March 3, 2010

1. Bug 6521: Fixed a glitch on the text that appears when selecting another subscriber on speed payment window.
2. Bug 6542: Have the Tool Bar remain disabled after unchecking the Status Bar on View menu.
3. Bug 6548: Disabled “Save Subscriber Details” under Edit menu upon initial load.
4. Bug 6530: Enabled cancellation of changes made while editing customer record when “Escape” key is pressed.
5. Bug 6527: Assigned another keyboard shortcut for “Subscriber Instruction”. New keyboard shortcut is Alt+S.
6. Bug 6581: Allowed the Subscriber tab to be unhidden when clicked after hiding the tabs.
7. Bug 6539: On wifi service panel, “Activate” button is disabled when all fields (username, password, MAC) are blank.
8. Bug 6566: Removed filter function when clicking Alt keyboard shortcuts.
9. Bug 6473: Fixed an error in printing invoices for invoices that are over one page.
10. Bug 6629: Fixed an error in viewing email address for subscribers with many packages/services.
11. Bug 6620: Corrected a problem to prevent crash.

February 3, 2010

1. Bug 6407: Fixed issue on notes. Notes with quotation marks can now be saved.

February 2, 2010

1. UI 6443: Updated About window with the new office branding – “Ultimate Front Office” and other details on the window.
2. Feature Request 5783: Load print dialog directly when posting a payment.
3. Feature Request 6191: Right clicking a wifi subscriber gives the ‘Check Usage’ option.
4. Bug 6371: Updated balance amount on payment window whenever an invoice is edited.
5. Bug 6437: Updated balance amount on credit memo window whenever an invoice is edited.
6. Bug 6419: Fixed an error handling issue on displaying credit card number.
7. Bug 6389: Enabled cut/paste through mouse when editing subscriber details.
8. Feature Request 5450: Added a feature that allows negative amount to be entered on credit memo.
9. Bug 6413: Made the notes/history filter consistent when they are unchecked.
10. Bug 5342: Updated admin user rights feature.
11. Bug 6260: Updated user rights to allow unchecking of all user rights.
12. Bug 6398: Enabled “undo” and “delete” options when editing subscriber details.
13. Feature Request 5675: Added wifi service to “check logins” and “check usage” reports.

January 29, 2010

1. Bug 6209: Main table is now updated directly after making changes on the subscriber panel.
2. Bug 6302: Fixed issues on back and next buttons on speed payment window.

January 20, 2010

1. Bug 6263: Make the paid-thru date format on primary account tab consistent.

January 18, 2010

1. Bug 6146: Corrected credit card expiry date format on speed payment window.