1. bug fix 8062 – Provided indicators when Qwest DSL cannot be activated for a subscriber with no phone number, and automatically displayed phone number after it has been entered
  2. bug fix 8065 – Fixed exception in Qwest DSL package service
  3. bug fix 8053 – Enabled automatic focus of subscriber in lower tabs when filter is set to that subscriber
  4. bug fix 8050 – Removed unnecessary items from network dropdown in Dialup and Accelerated Dialup Services
  5. bug fix 8056 – Prevented new subscriber wizard from adding package to wrong (existing) subscriber (reset search fields and filters)
  6. bug fix 8041 – Prevented displaying last selected OS on the Primary Account tab when the adding a subscriber and leaving OS selection blank
  7. bug fix 8047 – Fixed exception in AT&T package service