Fixing bugs is easier if you have logs showing where and how the error happened. The VISP software leaves a trail of clues in the Java Console. Developers use this to replicate the error, understand what triggered it, and then find a solution.

Where is the Java Console?

If you’re looking for the Java Console in your Windows machine, click here.

If you have a Mac, you will find the Java console by reading this.

How to Enable the Java Console?

Once you’ve opened the Java Console, click on the Advanced tab. In the Java Console section, toggle Show Console.

To learn how to enable the Java Console, click here.

Capturing Logs

Now every time you launch the VISP software you will see the Java Console open.

Retrace your steps. Repeat the process that caused the error to appear and then go back to the Java Console to save the logs. Click on the Copy button and then paste the data in a notepad file.

Attach the file to an email message and then send it to

If it is an urgent request, you may call 541-955-6900 to speak with the System Administrators. Developers may reply within 1-3 business days after investigating the issue.