MT Router changes:

  1. Login to your MikroTik router.
  2. Go to IP>Hotspot>Server Profiles. Double click the server profile to select the profile you use for your hotspot servers.
  3. In the Hotspot Server profile window, go to RADIUS tab. Fill in the Location Name field as shown below. This should exactly match the location ID of the package/s you want to apply location-based authentications.
  4. Restart your hotspot server by disabling and then enabling the server in the IP>Hotspot>Servers

UBO Settings

  1. Login to your UBO.
  2. Go to Settings>Billing>Packages> Select a Wireless/Hotspot package > Options
  3. Check the ‘Enable location-based login’ checkbox. The Location Id field should be field up in order to use the feature 


  1. If ‘Enable location-based login’ is unchecked:
    Subscribers can login to that AP location regardless of their packages’ Location IDs
  2. If it’s checked:
    1. The hotspot profile in that AP location should have the Location Name set and it should match with the location IDs specified in the package.
      Hotspot Profile:

      UBO Package:
    2. Subscribers with location ids specified specified in the package are able to login/authenticate only at this AP location. The wireless account should be under the package whose authentication is location-based.
      Subscriber’s package:
    3. Other subscribers whose location-based authentication/login setting is disabled can still login in this AP.