ISP Configuration

  1. Application Security – Do you want to restrict IP access of your users using the software?

  2. Application Users – Do you want to manage the UBO users of your ISP?

  3. Auto Actions – Do you want to set default automatic suspension to your subscribers?

    • Grace Period – Do you want to add a default grace period/amount to subscribers?
  4. Accounting Controls – How would you like your statements to be handled?

  5. Credit Card Data Security – Where do you want your subscribers’ credit catd data to be stored?

  6. Due Dates – Are your due dates set up correctly?

  7. Forms – Do you want to add logos and messages into your invoices or statements?

  8. Merchant Account– Did you add your merchant ID and set your auto pay date?

  9. Package Invoicing – How would you like your invoices to function?

  10. Paper Invoice Fee – Do you charge a fee for subscribers who want to receive a physical paper invoice?

  11. Past Due Protection – Do you want your subscribers to always be protected from being late in making payments?

  12. Prorate Options –  How do you want to prorate your subscribers?

  13. Rebilling Fee – Do you charge a rebilling fee(late fee) to your subscribers?

  14. Taxes – Do you tax your subscribers for services or items?

  15. Packages – Are your packages current?  Pricing, speed limits, etc?

  16. STEM settings – Did you activate your STEM settings?

  17. Portal website/custom website – Did you finish your website configuration?

Auto Actions

  1. Auto actions – Do you want to set your subscribers to auto suspend ot auto delete?

  2. Mass Email – Do you want to set up payment reminder emails to automatically send out to your subs each month?

  3. Auto Pay – Do you want to set up a day to run subscriber auto payments?

Non-Auto Actions

  1. Print/Send Paper Invoices – Do you send out physical paper invoices?

  2. Deposit Funds –  How to pay your monthly deposit.

Adding a Subscriber

  1. Add User – Simple form.

  2. Prequalify – Use the mapping tool to see if they prequalify!

  3. Choose Package – Add packages and quantities to their account.

  4. Activate Service – You must activate each service first.

Wireless Features

  1. Wifi Signup Server – Allows subscribers to sign up online.

  2. Mikrotik Config – Configure your mikrotik for your payment portal page, wifi signup server and much more!

  3. Equipment manager  link 2 – Keep track of your tower and CPE equipment as well as build your wireless network!

  4. Mapping – Create your coverage areas for your towers and use to prequalify your subscribers.
  5. Ticket and Schedule manager – Manage your tech installs/repairs with the click of a button with your calendar in the cloud to be accessed from anywhere.