To checkout the sections of the Ticket Window

  • Go to the Icons Menu.
  • Click the Ticket & Schedule icon, which is the 9th icon from the left
  • From the Ticket and Schedule Manager table, choose the ticket you want to Edit or Add a new one.
  • Here is a brief explanation of what each section of the TSM window looks like.ticket_improvement
  1. Summary – the title of the ticket
  2. Status – either Open, Pending, Resolved
  3. Priority – either Low, Normal, High
  4. Assign To – technicians to be assigned to this ticket
  5. Type – may or may not come with a template, which can be modified in the ISP Settings
  6. Contact Phone – phone numbers entered in the Subscriber and Billing Info tabs
  7. Service Address  – addresses entered in the Subscriber, Billing Info, and Equipment tabs
  8. Followers – list of all app users who can be added so they can also receive updates on this ticket
  9. Description – may contain the template that came with the Type; details of the issue can be added here
  10. Vertical ellipsis – shows or hides the formatting buttons when clicked
  11. Note – additional details of the issue can be added here
  12. Commands for Notes – appears only when hovered on
    • Post – adds the note in the ticket description; can also use CTRL + Enter to post
    • Clear – erases the typed notes; can also use Esc to cancel
  13. Commands for History – toggle that Shows and Hides the History of the ticket; it also remembers app users last setting
  14. Buttons for the whole Ticket window
    • Save – saves the unsaved changes made to the ticket
    • Schedule – scheduled the ticket
    • Cancel – discards all unsaved changes and closes the ticket