Service Tickets

You can create a new ticket by opening a subscriber profile and clicking on the plus sign in the Tickets category.

You can also create a ticket and assign it to a subscriber by clicking on the plus sign in the upper right corner of the window. Select Open Ticket in the pop-up menu.

To access the Service Desk, click on the support icon in the left sidebar of the VISP Web App. You will see a page with the following header: Kanban, Calendar, and List.

The List

The last category in the set is called List. Aptly so, it contains a list of all the service tickets created (opened), assigned, and resolved by managers and technicians.

You can sort tickets by priority and arrange them by columns. You can also attach files or images to the tickets.

The Calendar

ISP owners or Managers have the ability in the VISP Web App to schedule a fixed or a flexible date and time on tickets. Scheduled tickets are displayed on the calendar with additional information about the task as well as the assigned technician.

The Kanban Board

This shows the different tasks and service tickets in different stages of progress or completion. You can sort the view according to priority, by the technician, or according to the status of the tickets.