Subscriber suspension is typically an automatic action in the software, based on settings you specify individually for subscribers. If you have an default auto-suspend set in your ISP Configuration, the subscriber instantly inherits these upon adding.  If you would like to edit the subscriber’s auto -suspend setting, just change the subscriber’s auto action. However, if you would like suspend them manually, you would need to suspend their package.

Suspend a Package

Remember that a package may contain more than one service, and that suspending a package for a subscriber means suspending all the services it contains. If you want to cut off just one service instead of an entire package, consider deactivating this service instead.
However, if you still would like to suspend an entire package, click here.

Unsuspend a Package

In order to unsuspend a subscriber, simply unsuspend the package.

  • A subscriber’s status would still be suspended if one of his packages is still suspended.