Ultimate Back Office business hours support: When you need technical help from real people, simply call 541-955-6900 (select option 4) to talk to Visp.net’s success team during business hours (7 AM to 5 PM Pacific time).

Ultimate Back Office after-hours support: After-hours for Ultimate Back Office is available for emergencies. If there’s a technical emergency related to Visp.net’s provided services, there is no charge for after-hours emergency support. If the issue is within your network, and we help to identify and resolve the problem, we charge $150 per hour for the after hours support time with a 30 minute minimum.  Non-UBO related network support within your network during business hours is $90 per hour.

Enhance your service offering with third-party 24×7 subscriber support: 24×7 live call-center support is available as an additional service for your subscribers through one of the nation’s leading WISP subscriber support call centers. Subscribers get connected to call center representatives especially trained in WISP support who can help them out with their technical issues; any unresolved issues will then be forwarded to you through email. Fully private-label and custom phone greetings are also available, so your customers get the feel of actually talking to your staff.